Why Lady Gaga Doesn’t Call Herself a Survivor of Sexual Abuse


Lady Gaga continues to open the conversation about sexual abuse in a powerful way, according to a dialogue in a recent podcast. Apple Music interviews her there in the run-up to her new album – Chromatica – on a variety of topics, from music as therapy to working with Ariana Grande. But above all, making this work would have felt ‘ liberating ‘, she explains.

Lady Gaga on Chromatica
Lady Gaga, who was first reported raped in 2015, has used Chromatica to deal with her trauma. “I have been sexually assaulted by a music producer. It changed all my feelings about life, the world, the industry. I had to go through a lot to get where I am now. ” A song like Free Woman, which refers to the shame that can come from “surviving” sexual abuse, helped her in the healing process.

“When I finally felt free enough to celebrate life again, I came up with the lyrics of this song,” after which she reads the words to the singer: “I’m nothing without a steady hand. I’m not anything unless I know I can. I’m still something if I don’t get a man. I’m a free woman. ‘

The text, which is about regaining your freedom, has made her look at the trauma differently. “I no longer want to describe myself as a ‘survivor’ or victim of sexual abuse. I am now just a free person who has gone through quite difficult times. “

Lady Gaga’s new album Chromatica would initially be released on April 6, but due to the corona crisis, the release was delayed until Friday, May 29.

Sexual abuse
In January of this year, Gaga also spoke candidly about sexual abuse during Oprah Winfrey’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus tour. “I was raped several times when I was 19 years old. As a result of that event, I developed post-traumatic stress disorder because I was never able to process it properly.

Since I turned into a celebrity quite unexpectedly, I never deal with it in the early years. Until all of a sudden, I started experiencing tremendous pain throughout my body, which was similar to the feelings I had after my rape. “

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