Computer Education Laarbeek Shuts Down the Computers After 15 Years


The board of Computer Education Laarbeek sits together in the computer room of the Dorpshuis. They are Frie Couwenbergh, Broer Jansen and Trees Tops. After fifteen years they stop teaching computers. And of course, that does not go without emotions. “It has become a part of your life,” says Broer Jansen, who has been involved from the start. “But adding money is not our intention and we do not want that towards our sponsors. Apparently this is the end of an era. The i-pad course is still packed, but otherwise, we have too few registrations. ”

For and by seniors
Teaching given by and for other seniors resulted in fun situations. “Our target group was 55+ people or people ‘who had missed the boat,’” says Trees. “The 40-year-old hairdresser who wanted to start accounting. The older couples were also a different story. I deliberately took them apart, otherwise, they would always interfere with each other: Oh, I see it already.

You are not doing that right. ” Laughing, Frie remembers the following: “I remember when a lady couldn’t tell exactly which Windows program she was using. When I asked what she saw on the screen at home, she said, “I only see our two dogs.”

Top year
2009 was a great year because a whole week of courses was given in the Village House. “People who had no more education than Mulo education could request a special ‘learning ticket’ from the province. They could use these for computer lessons or something else educational. A flood of older students resulted in that ”, says Broer Jansen. Trees add: “I never thought I could teach.

We even made teaching materials and joined the national Senior web. Teaching was very satisfying, even though I had to explain something six times. “The group of teachers who join later agrees: teaching is fun. Joke Janssen even chuckles:” I was surprised that they were even happy with me. “

Looking back
Back to the start. How did it ever start? Broer explains: “The initiative for this was taken at the time by – the now-deceased – female worker Nelleke Beard, of the Stichting Samenlevingsopbouw Lieshout. I tinkered with computers, Rinus Nooijen from Aarle-Rixtel had ‘an awful’ knowledge of computers and Frie.

Who was just retiring at the time, also had a great affinity with computers. ” Today’s teachers can look back with satisfaction. After all, an 80-year-old woman who had no idea about computers and now wants to become friends with you on Facebook testifies to this.

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