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My name is Steffi, I am 21 years old and I live on the beautiful Lower Rhine. For several years now I have been hanging around in a wide variety of creative industries and have been putting my excess creativity and almost all my time into my job as a video journalist for some time now. The few hours that are left then go for my great love, blogging. Because I’ve been blogging on VintageHippieLoves for almost two years now.

How long have you been blogging and what motivated you to do it?

It all started in August 2009. After my apprenticeship, I gave myself a summer break and spent my nights browsing fashion blogs until day broke or the iPhone battery was empty 🙂 Since I am the only one in my circle of friends, who is so crazy about fashion, I just needed a place where I could show and write everything I wanted. And to exchange ideas with women who are just as obsessively committed to fashion as I am still amazed me today.
What is your blog about?

My blog is mostly about fashion. But also about my life or cosmetics. In other words: 🙂 In addition, I am always looking for great, small, individual fashion labels and shops in and around Düsseldorf and then present them on my blog.

What makes other blogs interesting for you that you read them?

For me, a good blog is a total work of art. There is so much to do. The layout, the quality of the pictures, a beautiful style, a friendly style, and variety. There is no scheme F, it just has to fit.
What are your inspirations? Do you have blog role models? If yes, which?

I used to like to read a lot of fashion magazines. However, this source of inspiration was completely replaced by the fantastic fashion bloggers from all over the world. Followed closely by people on the street. I like to walk around the world with my eyes open, look at other people and their styles, and enjoy looking at something there again and again. I don’t have a real blog role model, but the great women from my blog list on my blog are great inspirations that I always enjoy looking at.
What are you doing outside of blogging?

I would say “see above” 🙂 Otherwise I spend a lot of time with my countless animals, I live very rural and have everything to offer from the peacock to a miniature pony to the Chihuahua. Every now and then I go partying too, even though I’m not the party mouse. Oh yes, and my friend/blog photographer also wants something from me now and then 🙂

You can’t imagine how happy I am to have won here. The many comments and the new readers from the past few weeks have motivated me incredibly to make VintageHippieLoves better and to keep trying for you again and again. I hope that many new readers will be added because every new reader and every comment makes me happy and sometimes even saves a lousy day.

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