Do you know what to do if your natural fur coat gets wet?


The main concern of natural Aria Moda fur coats wearers is avoiding getting their coats wet. But what do you do if rain or snow catches you wearing your favorite clothing item? Well, before you despair, you should know there are some maintenance approaches you can use. The experts at shared their insights on how to take care of a natural fur coat that got wet. So, let’s see how you can preserve the looks and quality of your real fur item!

First things first: is it ok to wear natural fur in rain or snow?

There is a constant debate on this topic, and since the weather is unpredictable, it is always best to avoid stressing about this. The chances are that you will stumble upon some light rain or drizzle while wearing your real fur coat. After all, you got your jacket for the cold season, and such weather changes are natural. And since your coat is designed from natural animal fur, it can handle well extreme weather conditions.

Are natural fur coats naturally repellent?

Of course! Real fur coats are naturally repellent of water. Animal hair is designed with natural oils meant to keep water at bay and keep the fur dry as long as possible. This means that a bit of rain or snow might not be as harmful as you think for your fur coat. Still, you will have to take care during the drying process, to that you don’t alter the quality of your coat.

How to care of a wet fur coat after light rain or snow

If you only stumbled upon some light rain or snow, you are lucky. The maintenance care for this situation is easy. First of all, you should never hand the coat and place it in the sun or a heat source. This can damage the fur beyond repair. Secondly, you should always hang your fur coat on a padded hanger and position it in a well-ventilated place. The goal is to let the air circulate and allow the coat to dry naturally.

How to care of a soaking wet coat

Maybe you decided to wear your precious natural fur coat on heavy rain. Or maybe a storm caught you off guard. But no matter the situation, if your coat got soaking wet, you should attempt to dry it immediately. When a natural fur coat gets soaking wet, the skin under becomes wet, too. Hence, you won’t be successful in drying your coat at home. A professional furrier is the only one who can restore your coat to its original appearance. And, of course, he is the only one with the access to special drying tools for natural fur coats.

The bottom line

Even though you might think about your natural fur coat as a precious item, there is always a small chance to get it wet. So, make sure you take care of your coat accordingly. If you suspect your coat got too wet, there is no harm in asking a professional to clean and dry it. After all, you want to wear it for a lifetime!

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