Hello Ms. Brick Lane, What Do You Have to Offer


When I first hit Brick Lane in East London 5 years ago, the street was still an insider tip and meeting point for many musicians and artists in London. In the meantime, the special flair of the small street with the many vintage shops has got around and has become an absolute hipster magnet. If you want to discover new trends in London, you have to make a pilgrimage to Brick Lane (closest tube station Liverpool Street or Overground Station Shoreditch High Street). Since I live just around the corner, I captured my favorite outfits with the camera for you. There you go!

his couple caught my eye right at the beginning of Brick Lane. I was particularly impressed by the guy’s style; Braces, pipe, and Doc Martens simply harmonize perfectly. The simple but detailed look (hairband/clock/belt!) Of his girlfriend makes the two look like the perfect rockabilly couple.

The hippie look is really big in London at the moment. This lady hits the spot with her fur vest and floral wreath. Although I wondered at the felt 25 degrees that prevailed at the weekend, whether she was maybe a little warm in the outfit

Leo wherever you can look. The black fabric insert of these leggings loosens things up a bit and prevents it from looking “overloaded”.

I just had to photograph this outfit because it is so romantic. If you don’t want to go wrong in terms of trends, simply combine a vintage leather bag with rose-colored bottoms and floral print tops or vice versa. For the brave among you, put on a straw hat (so trendy, at the moment mini straw hats) and you’re done with the stylish trend outfit!

This girl manages to combine 3 trends with one another without looking too much. Trend 1: hairband or even better loop hairband Trend 2: Color Blocking (yellow combined with bright orange)  Trend 3: Leo pattern – I can only say, WELL DONE!

And there they are again; Fell and Leo. Nice combo, I think, because the Leo scarf spices up the outfit a little and does not make it look too boring. The shoes, on the other hand, are not my cup of tea and make your feet look a bit flat. What do you all mean?

How lovely are these shoes? Squeaky neon, but still somehow fitting. I love that about the Asians; Patterns and colors are simply combined without worrying about whether dotted leggings, dusky pink, and neon pink match at all. The jeans vest gives the outfit a punky touch. Grandiose!

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