Tailor-made Travel What Does That Mean


When customers call, I regularly get the question: ‘We are interested in the Minshuku trip Japan, but prefer not to sleep on a futon like the Japanese. We would also like to stay a little longer in Kyoto. Is this possible?’ I notice that the term tailor-made travel or tailor-made travel remains unclear, despite a brief description of this in our brochure and on our website www.vnc.nl. I can also imagine it is confusing because each travel agency has its own way of working.

One travel agency offers tailor-made trips and the other does not, while both are still a travel agency. However, VNC Asia Travel is not only a travel agency but also a tour operator. This means that we plan and organize the holidays ourselves. No massive sales of trips, packages, or routes. Not your average holiday, but focused on personal wishes and your options. Every traveler is unique, which is why our travel proposals are always personal and customized. We sell custom made tours.
A tailor-made trip, what does it mean exactly?

It may be like buying a suit from the tailor. To buy a tailor-made suit or have it repaired, go to the tailor, this is a specialist, a craftsman who masters various techniques to make clothing. The tailor measures the measurements everywhere, the leg length, hips, shoulders, arms, and so on. Because you may have little understanding of fashion, colors that go well together, and the model that fits your figure, let the tailor advise you on the desired type of fabric, colors, fit, and more. This advice is an important skill of the tailor to come up with a suit that is complete to your taste and wishes so that the suit fits like a glove.

The store may also have ready-made suits in your size and taste. If it turns out that the legs of a ready-made suit are too long, you can have them adjusted and you have a tailor-made suit again. Everything can be personalized to a result that suits you completely and there is something for everyone.

With a tailor-made trip, we do the same as the tailor, but it concerns a different sector with a different product. The travel expert has gained a lot of experience in the holiday destination you want to visit. They have been there as a backpacker, during a holiday, with the family or during an inspection trip. You do not have to be read at your holiday destination. As a customer, you do not yet have to know exactly what you want.

Because together with the travel specialist you discuss what makes you happy when traveling, what you don’t want, and what stimulates you. It is discussed what the options are based on your wishes and budget. Which accommodations suit you and what gives you a holiday feeling. With all this information, the travel specialist can provide appropriate advice and put together a trip that is tailored to you.

Turnkey tours (sample tours)
We also have sample tours, which have already been fully developed. The characteristic of these example trips is that they are feasible and logical routes. Sometimes as a traveler you become very enthusiastic when reading travel guides and you write down all kinds of places and things you want to see and do. People often want to see more than is possible in the available holidays. For example, because public transport is not sufficient or you have to travel too quickly from one place to another and there is little time left for relaxation and the real holiday feeling.

Our sample tours have been well thought out. They are practical and logical routes in terms of accessibility with typical accommodations, excursions that you should not miss and with a price indication. Sometimes there is a theme, such as nature, traveling with family, art, etc. You can book these sample trips with us, but you can also give them a personal touch by, for example, adjusting some accommodations, staying in a place for a day longer, extra excursions, and so on. Just like the ready-made suits at the tailor.

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