Bucket List of Our Travel Experts


Antoinette: Trans-Siberian Express

Actually it is very strange that I have never made a trip with the Trans-Siberian express. I am a Russian graduate, I went on a long journey as a backpacker in Asia and I work at VNC Asia Travel! It never happened. Last year my vacation went to Mongolia … so I am getting closer and I am sure it will happen sometime: that trip with the Trans-Siberian express.

Then I want to stop at Lake Baikal and visit places like Yekatarinaburg, Omsk, and Irkutsk. Most of all I just want to sit on the train and look through the window at the countryside, the villages, and the forests. Musing what kind of people the people live there. I also imagine that there is a lot to observe on the train: interesting fellow travelers and the behavior of people during such a long journey by train. Now a dream,

Anne F: Taiwan

My Japanese teacher has lived in Taiwan for 5 years and still comes back regularly. She took every opportunity she had to emphasize that Taiwan was a great country. “Do you like the blossom trees in Japan? Just wait until you’ve been to Taiwan. ” “Did you think Chinese and Japanese food was good? Taiwan combines the best of both! ” Looking at the trips on our own website, I understand where her interest comes from; what a fascinating country. I’m already looking forward to exploring it.

Where would I most like to go? At the top of my list is the coastal town of Jiufen. I myself am a big fan of Studio Ghibli and the award-winning film Spirited Away has taken this place as a starting point. It seems like you are walking through the fairytale animation film, but then it is real. If I travel in the spring, then I definitely want to go to the Wuling Farm. Would you like to stay in accommodation with a view of hundreds of blossom trees? Sign me up!
Nathalie: Bhutan

How I would like to go to Bhutan someday. The small kingdom hidden in the Himalayas appeals to the imagination and is high on my wish list. Because of the remote location and the considerable cost, it has never happened (yet). Colorful Buddhist festivals, beautiful mountain landscapes, and sleeping in a family home; I want to see, experience, and experience it all. It is a place where time has stood still and you don’t find that much in Asia anymore.

I can already see myself wandering (wandering) through beautiful monasteries and beautiful nature. Attending a festival, in particular, is on my bucket list. Dancing monks to the stirring rhythm of drums and horns in beautiful robes. My camera will work overtime. The king of Bhutan says that national happiness is much more important than the national product.

Daphne: Mongolia
Oh, how long it has been since I saw this beautiful movie, ‘The Story of the Weeping camel’ watched in 2003. It was the very first photos and film images I saw of untouched Mongolia. On the basis of this film, my wish came to travel to Mongolia someday. The film tells the true story of the life of a shepherd family in the Mongolian Gobi Desert. So back to basic, so one with nature and depending on nature and each other. A camel calf is born in the film. It was a difficult delivery for the mother and a rare white calf is born with difficulty. Unfortunately, the mother rejects her baby and refuses to give milk and to take care of her newborn child.

When hope for improvement seems to be gone, the two sons of the family are sent on a journey through the desert to find a musician who can perform the hoosh ritual. Without a music ritual, the animals will cry for a long time and a disowned calf will die. A harsh reality, but beautiful to see how people, nature, and animals go together. Staying with a Mongol nomad family and traveling through the untouched nature of Mongolia seems to be an unprecedented experience.

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