8 Special Places in Sri Lanka Where You Must Have Slept


Sleeping in a treehouse in the cultural triangle
The Elephant Watch Hut in Habarana is a simple yet unique place. You sleep in a treehouse in the middle of the jungle. Chances are that wild elephants will pass by in the evening. After dark, set out with a guide in search of wild elephants. With a bit of luck, you can get a closer look at them. Please observe the rules of the guide and do not forget to enjoy it!

This accommodation is sure to stay with you. Not only is it a fantastic place to stay, but part of the profit goes to the nearby village. For example, we are currently working hard to provide families without solar energy with solar energy lamps.

Away from the crowds in Kandy
The Polwatha eco-lodge is tucked in the green, not far from the busy city of Kandy. Step into a hammock and relax completely. Various activities can be booked on-site at the lodge. Nature and contact with the local community are at the heart of these activities. Authentic Sri Lankan meals are cooked in a fire pit in clay pots and give you a glimpse into the real Sri Lankan village culture.

The undiscovered Gal Oya National Park
The Gal Oya Lodge is more than just an eco-lodge. The lodge’s philosophy is to bring you closer to nature and protect the local environment. This philosophy can be found in every detail. The bungalows are built with natural materials and as much as possible is recycled to conserve precious natural resources such as water and energy. It has not been long ago that the Gal Oya National Park opened its doors. The park consists of a part of an untouched jungle and a large part of water. In addition to the many wild elephants, it is also an excellent place to spot special birds.

The home of a once-famous notary
The Notary’s House in Makandura was once the home of a famous notary and has recently been restored preserving the old structure. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a beautiful old country house surrounded by greenery, a lake, and in the distance the white shimmer of a dagoba, a Buddhist stupa that rises above the palm tree line. The atmosphere at this accommodation is typical Sinhalese, it is one of those special places that you hope will never change.

Coconut palm trees and banana plants
Jims Farm Villas in Matale is a large plantation with no less than 2,500 coconut palm trees and hundreds of banana plants. Jims Farm also has a special herb garden with all the herbs that were so popular in the past. The manager of the plantation will tell you everything about the cultivation process of the plants. The rooms are equipped with every luxury. The ingredients for dinner are all grown on the plantation and it is difficult not to eat your fingers. This accommodation is one of our personal favorites.

Sleeping with a local family at home
In Batticaloa, you can sleep with a local family. Traveling is not only seeing the famous sights and staying in beautiful hotels but also meeting the locals. In our opinion, you really get to know the country. Your room is simple but comfortable and the food prepared for you is beyond fantastic. Throw your smartphone aside and help grandma cook or read a book under the jackfruit tree in the garden.

Treehouses and mud
chalets Unique accommodation is located in Weerawali, not far from the famous Yala National Park. Saraii Village offers an authentic Sri Lankan experience with unique tree houses and mud chalets. Saraii means “the essence” in Hebrew. Early in the morning, the local fishermen will take you on their boat and show you how they fish here. What you catch will be served during your breakfast on the bank of the water.

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