Mobile is the Norm and Serves as the Starting Point of Online


Value-added mobile apps
SST Software develops mobile apps that give your customers a unique mobile experience. Having an app is not paramount – but the added value that the app offers your customers. The best user experience and excellent performance are inextricably linked to this.

Not ‘fancy’ but ‘fit’
When developing mobile apps, we always focus on the best ‘fit’ with your business objective and not so much on the most ‘fancy’ application. Not only do we develop, but we also advise you on setting up your mobile strategy. Does another solution contribute better than you initially envisioned? Then we say that without turning around. You can count on constructive and clear advice. This way you can be sure that you create a unique mobile experience for your customers.

Native app development
We realize native apps for both Android and iOS. An advantage of native apps is that they are developed in the language intended for them. In other words, the app does exactly what the users of the platform are used to. This way you bind your customers to your brand or organization and ensure perfect ease of use. A native app also uses all the functionalities that each operating system has to offer in the most efficient way.

The latest technologies
We are always aware of the latest mobile technologies. Together with you, we weigh up which technologies match best to achieve the desired objective. Combinations not previously formed? Complex integration issues? We always take up the challenge! It is not without reason that our customers call us nerds, a name that we like to live up to.

The right combination for your mobile solution
We know how to combine the right techniques for the best mobile solution. For example, we build apps in which BLE / beacons come back. We link external libraries and other systems to realize the required functionality. All smart solutions for the best result on a small screen.

An example of our efforts in the field of mobile is the mobile solution for Radboud University Nijmegen and the SMART apps have also developed the Bicycle counting app with them, about what we build with our own toolbox for mobility partner Mobidot. We which you can read more in De Ondernemer. Also, browse our showcase to get an impression of our added value.

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