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With the development of digital technology, the performance of smartphones and technology, a new lifestyle is developing: digital nomadism.

  • What is a Digital Nomad?
  • How to Become a Digital Nomad?

Digital nomad: the definition
Digital Nomad comes from an English expression that expresses a state of mind, a way of life, or even a form of telework.

Digital Nomad is called a person who works remotely, anywhere in the world, thanks to a job that requires a computer, a smartphone, and a good internet connection. This person can exercise their activity from “anywhere” by staying in touch, thanks to the internet, with people related to their work. Above all, he must have solid and specific skills, contacts, and an already established clientele to interest potential clients.

The word “Nomad” clearly translates the absence of a fixed office and a geographical location. They have neither a fixed place of life nor a fixed place of work. They can then take advantage of being able to work remotely to finance their passion for travel and live a largely nomadic life.

The advantages of digital nomadism
There are hundreds of trades Digital nomad, as a graphic designer, copywriter, Web Developer, Community Manager, Project Manager, Expert referrals, Web Editor …

These have many advantages, the first of which is freedom.

The freedom to work from the place you want as long as you have your computer and a good internet connection. This allows you to discover new places and break away from the routine. But also the freedom to organize his day as he wishes in order to be as efficient and productive as possible.

The disadvantages of digital nomadism
However, being Digital Nomad implies a certain solitude for workers who exercise their profession alone. Social platforms, coworking spaces, or even communities on social networks exist to overcome this situation of loneliness.

Another parameter to take into account is that of the time zone. Depending on its customers and the country where they work, the Digital nomad will have to organize itself so as not to have too great a time difference with its professional contacts in order to remain efficient in its exchanges and its work.

Becoming digital nomad: a life project
Becoming a Digital nomad is a major professional project and requires a lot of rigor, motivation, and organization.

First of all, it is enough for the remote worker to set clear objectives before starting his project. Why does he want to become Digital Nomad, what types of professional activities does he want to exercise, what are his priorities, where does he think to exercise his business, at what pace, what compromises would he be ready to make … All these questions and their precision will allow him to increase his chances of succeeding in his project.

Then, he will have to build a forecast budget and determine the monthly turnover that he will have to obtain in order to be able to make a living from his activity. Some destinations allow you to live comfortably with a salary sometimes much lower than that earned in France. He will have to manage his money so as not to draw on his reserves unnecessarily.

The Digital Nomad must choose his professional activity and have solid experience and skills in this area in order to build his clientele and win contracts.

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