Eyetv in France Cooperation Between the Hf Electronic Group and Geniculate


Geniatech begins a collaboration with the HF Group and Medtronic for the development, marketing, and customer support of EyeTV products in France.

Las Vegas
Medtronic exclusively supports the marketing and support of the highly prized range of EyeTV products from Geniatech in France. Sealed within the framework of CES in Las Vegas, the collaboration with Medtronic, subsidiary, and brand of the French group HF Company constitutes for Geniatech an excellent starting point to mark its presence on the French market.

Smart TV for digital terminals
The EyeTV range offers innovative products to receive modern and intelligent television on Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV 4, but also on Google Android devices and Microsoft Windows computers. The close partnership with the traditional Medtronic brand thus provides first-rate, customer-oriented access to the French market for consumer electronics.

Prospects for success for France
Nicolas Razafinjato, president of Medtronic SAS, sees great prospects for the French market: “EyeTV products fit perfectly into our portfolio of consumer electronics products. Thanks to our close and exclusive collaboration with Geniatech, we offer French consumers high-quality live TV solutions that seamlessly integrate television reception via DVB-T / -T2, satellite, and cable worldwide. digital. “

Mike Decker, Managing Director of Geniatech Europe GmbH, is delighted with the high potential of this collaboration: “We are delighted with the prospects offered by the partnership between Medtronic and Geniatech. The HF / Medtronic Group, a specialist in digital technologies in line with market requirements, offers us the possibility of offering EyeTV products and customer-oriented service at the highest level on the French market. “

MEDTRONIC, a company founded in 1988 and a subsidiary of the HF Group, which has been listed on the stock exchange since 1997, represents the leading brand of installations and of satellite kits successfully and decisively marketed on the French market. Building on this tradition, MEDTRONIC specializes in complete solutions for TV reception by antenna, satellite, and cable.

A major manufacturer of digital terrestrial (DVB-T) and satellite products in France, MEDTRONIC also offers a wide range of accessories. The MEDTRONIC brand is marketed in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, and Germany. The company’s headquarters are located in the Loire Valley, near Tours. MEDTRONIC.

GENENTECH Europe GmbH, located in Herzogenrath near Aachen, is a subsidiary of Shenzhen GENIATECH Inc., Ltd.  GENIATECH is the world’s leading ODM / OEM manufacturer of intelligent television and video platforms for all areas of everyday entertainment. Through consultancy, development, design, and manufacturing services, GENIATECH assists its customers and partners in the creation of their own ecosystems in 42 different countries. GENENTECH offers industrial design solutions, both hardware, and software, for all operating systems, as well as manufacturing services that comply with international standards.

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