Citizenship Catering Entrepreneurs Look Back Positively on the First Week of Opening


Bar owner Jasper Kofman may have had to make the biggest adjustments. His cafe Lange Jan is usually full on Friday and Saturday nights. It is mainly the local pub where young adults meet, but standing next to each other is not possible for the time being. Kofman has made special standing tables where you can have a beer with a group of friends at a suitable distance.

“You can reserve those tables on the weekends, we have three shifts in one evening,” explains Kofman. He is satisfied with the first weekend because all shifts were full. It was also fun, but ‘different’, says Kofman. “You are used to partying all weekend and it was a bit more pleasant now.” On weekdays you can just come in and get a health check by scanning a QR code at the door.

Lajos van Wely of the Enkhuizer Visafslag is ‘so far, so good’. In front of the door is a chic sink where every guest who enters first washes their hands. Only one person refused to do that last week.

The fish restaurant attracts many tourists, but Van Wely has to miss it. On the other hand, he notices that Enkhuizers support him more. “I have had a number of people from the neighborhood say that they are happy that we are back and that they want to book. That is great, we are happy to see that.”

High cuddle quality
Both entrepreneurs also experience that they must continue to maintain a distance of one and a half meters. “When people have a good gulp they become more exuberant,” says Van Wely. “Then we have to say something about it, watch out! Anyway, a bit of spontaneity is in every person. Some people have a very high cuddle level.”

Thomas de Boer Beach Pavilion Enkhuizen is located on the IJsselmeer. There is enough space there, so the distance can be well guaranteed. The tables have been placed at a distance within and outside, and things have also been thoroughly renovated in recent weeks.

Financial blows
Whether it can be sustained financially in this way remains to be seen, according to de Boer. “I have made budgets on how long we can last with or without support. I personally believe that the financial blows will be between October and April, I am concerned about that. Fortunately, we are doing well so we will get there but it makes a big dent in our plans. “

Because there are plenty of plans for the owner of the Beach Pavilion. Together with his wife Marieke, he is responsible for the management of the new campsite on the Enkhuizerzand. He is looking forward to it: “There is a turbulent time ahead for us!”

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