Remy and His Friends Animals Happy With the Arrival of Visitors


Landgoed Hoenderdaell is open to visitors again. The animal park was an oasis of peace for more than two months. Some animals liked that, others really missed people.

The alpacas are used to being spoiled; spoiled with pats and treats. It was strange to them that they had to miss that for a while. “I have seen the alpacas lined up a few times,” says director Robert Kruijff, “to see where everyone stayed. You see that animals react very differently. Birds don’t have much to do with people, but the lions, the tigers, the lemurs, and the alpacas have certainly missed the people. “

Visitors used to be able to feed a number of animals, but that is not the case now.

Robert Kruijff: “With the lemurs, there is still the risk of COVID contamination, so that is not possible. The Lorituin is actually too small, we are all too close together.” It is still allowed with the alpacas. Pumps with hand soap have been placed there. Disinfect hands first and only then feed the animals.

Lion Remy is a special case. He is very people-oriented, so he had to rely mainly on his caretakers during the quiet weeks. Caregiver Sandra Kuijmans: “Remy loves visitors very much, but he also loves carers very much. Luckily they were there. So, as usual, he spent a lot of time indoors and we almost had to force him to go outside. to go.”

That is why Remy gets something nice every day, a toy, or something tasty. A reason to go outside. Once outside he has to stay there, “because he is growing up,” says caregiver Sandra, “so the intention is that he will have fun outside by himself. Remy has not really missed the visitors, but it will be a party for him if he can sneak up on the visitors through the peepholes. “

Macaw enclosure
The Mac stay is new for visitors. Before the park closed, the contours were clearly visible, but now the animals are really flying around. Well, flying may still be a big word. They mainly hang in the nets. That is not surprising when you consider that the macaws are all reception birds, which are used to small cages in people’s homes. They will get used to it soon.

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