What to Do When You Need Motivation


Sometimes when we set our sights high and want to lose weight or get in shape, we aim a bit too high or go at it too hard and fast and often alone. Then we fail and fall back into our couch potato slump.

It’s hard to get motivated to do anything unless it is something you really want to do. In fact, it has to be more than something you want to do, it has to be something that you MUST have now. There is a subtle difference.

When people set out to lose weight or get in shape or lose a bad, unhealthy habit, often it is because of the pressures and expectations of others. While you may say to yourself you know they are right and it is the right thing to do, you might be stirred up to do something and be enthusiastic about it at first, but the first setback will get you off track and not willing to get back on, often making up for a lost time.

This is where the subtle difference comes that keeps one motivated to act instead of giving lip service to a change.


Forget about what is right or what would be nice or what you think you should do! Unless YOU want it more than anything else in the world, YOU will not do what it takes to get there. It has to be your main obsession. It has to take top priority over everything else in your life.

If you want to get rid of the bad habit, you have to want to rid yourself of it more than anything else in the world. The thought of that habit has to repulse you to the core of your inner being. In your mind, you have to look at yourself indulging in that habit as disgusting as if you were diving in a bin of vomit and eating it. The very thought of indulging in that habit must make you sick beyond anything you can tolerate.

If you want to lose weight, you must want it more than you want that extra snack. You must want it more than spending that hour watching television when you could be on a walk. You must want it more than your ultimate demise that will follow your obese weight. Really think about that last point!

Go visit people who are dying from colon cancer, heart disease, or complications from diabetes and put yourself in that spot. You have to want to cut back on even just a few things to avoid being like that. The same can be said about fitness goals. It must be a top priority.

If you want to lose weight or get in shape, it doesn’t have to take much time or effort on your part to get started. Start by drinking 8 or more glasses of water a day. Then start cutting down the snacks you eat in a day. Try walking to places that you may have driven. Try standing when you were used to sitting. When watching tv, try exercising, too. Then try making meal portions smaller.

Incorporate more healthy foods as time goes by. With these small changes, it won’t feel like you are punishing yourself and it should give you that boost to give you the determination to make it something you really want.

Consider forming a support group of like-minded people. Only one rule – anyone who is part of the group must sign a statement that they doing this and no one at all is pressuring them to lose weight or get in shape. Those people are likely to suck the rest of the group down. Unless everyone is in agreement that this is what they want more than anything else, the group is not going to last.

If you can’t find such people, it is best to go it alone. It’s not that bad and the only one holding you back is you. That is where it has to come from anyway. If you don’t want it badly enough, you will never do it. It doesn’t matter what diet or exercise plan you follow. If you don’t want it enough to stick with it through the good and bad, you won’t.

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