How to Choose Your Wallpaper for a Master Bedroom


A room dedicated to rest and privacy, the parents’ room, or the parental suite is often a room whose decoration is very neat. With the return of wallpaper in the field of wallcovering, decorating ideas are expanding and offering new possibilities. However, for a successful decoration, you must know how to choose a wallpaper that is suitable for the decoration of the parental bedroom.

Opt for black
Faced with the predominance of original wallpapers whose patterns are intended to be as realistic as possible, the color black is not easily demeaned. Appreciated for its refinement and versatility, black wallpaper finally finds its place on the walls of an adult bedroom.
Plain or patterned, black wall coverings can create comfort and warmth in the room.

It should be noted that thanks to its dark rendering, this shade is a great way to avoid sleep disorders. In addition, it does not reflect light, a real asset if you want to create an atmosphere with depth. In terms of decoration and harmonization, the black wallpaper goes wonderfully with pink and the silver or gold color, a perfect combination of colors for a chic and elegant decoration.

Adopt the original wallpaper
Currently, wallpaper is re-appearing in homes and invites itself onto the walls of the adult bedroom to decorate it and create a real universe conducive to relaxation and sleep. Design and elegant, the patterns of the original wallpaper are above all a reflection of the personality of the occupants. Here are some patterns of original trendy wallpaper to revamp an adult bedroom :

  • The planets photographs on wallpaper to enhance the effect of illusion;
  • To obtain a modern decoration, one can opt for wallpapers which represent the beauty of urban cities ;
  • Of tropical grounds for a colorful atmosphere conducive to good mood and relaxation.

Choose purple for your walls
Light purple, like lilac and pink, will always be a safe bet for an adult bedroom. This shade of purple is used to create an atmosphere at once gentle and soothing in the room. However, it is important to think of harmonization with the furniture and decorative accessories present.

Thus, a wall covered with light purple wallpaper matches perfectly with furniture or a bedspread in white or lilac hues. Lighting and other bright decorative elements will be the detail that makes the difference. Ideally, in pastel or matte, these shades blend perfectly with light purple to promote optimism and comfort in the adult room.

Decorate your room in a romantic style
The romantic decor and vintage represented in wallpaper are making a comeback in the field of interior decoration. To emphasize romanticism, too bright colors should be avoided. Indeed, pop and light codes are not recommended. On the other hand, you have to bet on floral patterns, tone on tone, and pink. Instead of overloading with colors, the idea is to make softness and zen reign in the room.

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