14 Beautiful Umbrellas to Protect Yourself from the Sun in Style


The parasol is our best ally to protect us from the sun’s rays when lounging on the terrace, balcony or in the garden. Because there are many models of umbrellas, we take stock of this summer essential to help you choose yours.

Choose the shape of the parasol
The first option, the round parasol. It is the most classic and widespread form. Because the round parasol is available in two types, straight and tilting, and several diameters, it adapts to all spaces, even the smallest. The second possibility, the square or rectangular parasol Whether square or rectangular, this type of parasol is the one that is best suited to large terraces and balconies. Generally, these parasols deploy a large-scale canvas and their geometric shape allows them to be placed without difficulty along a wall.

Straight parasol, cantilever parasol, wall-mounted parasol?
It is generally the space allocated to it that defines the type of parasol. The right umbrella is the most common model. Ideal for protecting a table, the right parasol is most often placed in the center of the tray in a hole provided for this purpose. This system guarantees it good stability from the moment the right parasol is properly seated in its base.

We also appreciate it between two lounge chairs. The straight parasol has only one drawback: its reduced modularity. If you opt for a straight parasol, prefer a tilting model to better protect you from the sun at all hours of the day.

The offset parasol consists of a mast and an arm supporting the canvas. This off-center parasol has been very successful for a number of years. The latter is due to its many advantages: its opening facilitated by a crank, its simplicity of inclination, its great mobility, generally at 360 and it’s consequent shading area whatever its shape: round, square or rectangular. Its only drawback: its stability. His foot should be heavy enough to hold the parasol against the gale.

The wall parasol is the best solution if you do not have space. Ideal on a small balcony, the wall parasol has the advantage of protecting you from the sun whatever the time of day thanks to its 180 mobility.

Once the beautiful days have arrived, we often look for a parasol to protect ourselves from the sun on our balcony. However, this small outdoor space requires a few measures before installing a parasol worthy of the name. On the balcony, the tilting parasol is the most popular.

It thus protects from the sun but also from the vis-à-vis. If your small balcony is located on the top floor, you can obviously choose a straight or wall-mounted parasol to save floor space. One thing is certain: it will be necessary to measure the dimensions of your balcony before investing in an oversized parasol.

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