8 Healthy Recipes to Make with Easter Chocolate


If like us, you recently came across this photo, published by a mother in Great Britain, which shows the amount of sugar contained in the popular Cadbury treat, perhaps you will think twice before eating it, from now on.

Indeed, the sugar heap is larger than the egg as such! Far be it from us to discourage you from consuming these sweets from time to time, but the photo is enough to make you think all the same.

We, therefore, offer 8 ideas for eating Easter chocolate with pleasure, but in desserts where the amounts of free sugar are reduced.

1. A classic fondue
This is the classic of classics, the “recipe” that our parents made with our Easter chocolates when we were young. And they were not wrong, because this tip allows you to add beautiful portions of fruit. By mixing chocolate with milk and melting it in the microwave, you get a nice fondue in which to dip pieces of bananas, strawberries, or clementines. We also had great results by dipping nuts, pieces of the tender bar, or even popcorn.

2. Granolas for the big days

To your favorite granola recipe, add small pieces of Easter chocolate. A bit like adding chocolate chips. Don’t feel like cooking? Buy the most “healthy” cereals from the grocery store, you know the bio-fiber-protein-no sugar-whole grain box on which your little ones raise their noses, and “sprinkle them” with chocolate pieces of Easter. A winning compromise.

3. A silky choco pudding
In the microwave, melt pieces of Easter chocolate, a few seconds at a time. Put the melted chocolate in the blender container, with avocado or half a block of silky tofu. Refrigerate in small jars for 2 hours. Here is a creamy and chocolate pudding to eat for dessert!

4. A good hot chocolate
No need to buy the powder to make hot chocolate. Just put a little Easter chocolate and milk in a pan. If you feel like it, add a little cream, orange zest, and cardamom.

5. A frozen treat

Several frozen dessert ideas can be made with leftover Easter chocolate. We can freeze our hot chocolate from item 4 in popsicle molds. You can also make sundaes with hot fudge by adding melted chocolate to a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And speaking of frozen pleasures, don’t forget that chocolate freezes. Just pack it tightly so that it will keep for 3 to 6 months.

6. Chocolate muffins
You can take a healthy recipe for bran muffins and add a little melted chocolate for a nice uniform chocolate color. But we can also replace, in our banana and chocolate mini-muffin recipe, the nuggets with Easter chocolate.

7. To garnish pancakes
We know it’s a Sunday like no other when we have a blueberry-choco jam on our pancakes! In addition, it is done in 30 seconds in the microwave, while we finish preparing the pancakes in the pan. We mix ½ cup of pieces of Easter chocolate with ½ cup of fresh or frozen blueberries and send 30 to 45 seconds in the microwave. Result: a creamy, sweet, and tangy jam. Yum!

8. Perfect yogurt and candy
Because it’s not just chocolate at Easter, we collect small candies and other multicolored treasures in a perfect yogurt and candy. At the bottom of a tall transparent glass, put a spoon of plain Greek yogurt, taking care not to stain the edges of the glass. Add a layer of candy, then another layer of yogurt, and so on, to the top of the glass. Decadent.

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